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Solar Power


Solar Provider

I took a shortcut in selecting my solar provider. A friend already did the shopping around and I went with his recommendation: Auric Solar.

They aren't the cheapest provider (they are the most expensive, either). They do offer great value and are very good at what they do.


Auric uses US-made, top quality equipment. My panels are Suniva OPT270-60-4-1B0 270 watt models. and connect to Enphase M-250 micro-inverters. The system hooks directly into the power meter so doesn't interfere with my home generator, although the engineers took this into account.

The Farm

The installation provides 54,360 watts with 42 panels. It is a fairly big installation, but covers 100% of my power most months, which reduces my bill to $10 a month.

In 2016, the farm produced more than 17.8 Megawatt hours of electricity.

Output Tracking

The array elements report to a central device which uploads my power production statistics to the Internet (specifically to Enphase) which records production, produces graphs and keeps years of statistics saved. You can look at my statistics here.

One great benefit of monitoring each micro-inverter is if a panel degrades, that data is immediately available and Auric can be called for warranty service.


Auric is good with follow-up support, answer dumb questions without blinking and provides free annual checkups, including opening the electrical boxes and going up on the roof.


Another nice thing is they have a referral payment if I, or any other Auric customer, refers someone to them. So, if you are thinking about solar, please mention my name as an existing customer. It doesn't cost you a thing.

Certainly look around, but pay particular attention to quality and service in addition to price.

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