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Photography and Photos



OK, so it's been quite a while since I've taken pictures, but I'm doing more these days and want to take pictures of it. So I picked up a new 18 MP medium quality DSLR.

DSLR Camera

Better than a point-and-shoot, but not as nice as a professional camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 is an 18 Megapixel digital SLR. It has several shoot modes that preset things like focus, saturation and color. It also has program, shutter and aperature modes.

The good news is it will shoot Raw format and it will shoot JPG pictures. The bad news is the JPG pictures use presets that might get in the way of that perfect shot. The other good news is there are more manual modes that don't use the presets.

This kit comes with the camera body and an 18-55mm auto-focus, image stabilizing lens. It's a decent lens but doesn't have much of an f-stop range (f/3.5-5.6). The pictures on the Masons page is shot with this camera and lens (from daylight, dusk and fireworks).

In addition to the kit lens, I picked up a filter to both filter UV and haze, as well as to protect the lens. This size works on the kit lens and the telephoto lens below.

Telephoto Lens

This lens is another moderate quality piece of equipment. The reason I picked this one rather than a kit lens is it starts at 55mm, which is where the kit lens leaves off. The kit telephoto lens is a 75-300mm lens which leaves a gap in coverage that I wanted to avoid.

This lens is a 55-250mm lens which is a bit shorter (not a 300mm) lens but makes up that 55-75mm gap between the kit lenses. It's f-stop range is f/4-5.6 which is pretty narrow, but since this is mostly an outdoor lens, that isn't an issue especially with an ISO range of 100 to 6400 with this camera.

Fixed Lens

On the recommendation of a pro photographer friend, I decided to add this lens to my collection. It is a faster lens because the f-stop range is f/1.8-5.6

My friend uses his 50mm lens nearly exclusively in his work. I plan to use it to shoot indoors with more forgiving ISOs. The focus and quality of the pictures is supposed to be far superior to the kit lenses and it allows photos without flash (and its limitations).

I picked up a filter for this lens to protect it as well.

Memory Cards

As a compromise between size and speed, I picked up two of these 32GB memory cards. They are class 10, 80MB/s cards that can be used for HD video as well as burst picture taking. These worked well with shooting fireworks at a recent bar-b-que.

I also picked up some 64GB cards, also class 10, but only 30MB/s recording speed. Supposed to be adequate for HD video, but mostly I picked them up for their greater capacity since I plan on shooting in RAW and Large JPG mode.

Spare Li-Ion Batteries

Two things you should stock up on for photography: memory cards and batteries. While one battery and a decent memory card should last you a busy day, three of each will certainly take you through a good day of shooting.

With a total of three batteries, I can leave one on charge at the hotel and have two with me to use while I'm out. Then I charge one of those two overnight and the other during the day, taking the pre-charged third and first back out the next day.


Don't let the "Pro Series" in the product name throw you, this is a small, cheap tripod. I got it specifically because it was small and light, fitting in my backpack. I plan on using it is low light photography where I can use a tripod and therefore can use slower ISO speeds.

It is a 50 inch tripod, so you have to bend down to use it, but it is sturdy enough for casual use.

Ed's Pictures

My New House (May 2004)

Shot with the origial Canon EOS Rebel

Mexico Cruise (October 2010)

Full Size
Shot with an Olympus E-500



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