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Ham Radio


The Baofeng UV-5R

There are a number of ham radios, but the UV-5R is a very common one and the subject of numerous web sites and YouTube videos which makes it a great choice for emergency preparedness, plus, it's very inexpensive so buy two. I did!

Programming with Chirp

The simplest way to program the UV-5R is to use a USB programming cable and the program Chirp. This is the version that I used: link.

The program is fairly easy to use and is very compatible with the UV-5R.

Programming Cable

This is the programming cable that I used.

Programming Cable Driver

While it is common for a programming cable to come with a driver CD, it is also common for it to not work.

If this is the case, download a driver here or from the Prolific site.

Utah Valley Programming File

A good friend of mine put together a file that contains the frequencies for my local area (Utah valley). This is the file. This is a CSV version.

Programming the UV-5R

Rather than being able to just load the file and upload it to the radio, you need to do a bit of tinkering to use it because of minor radio differences:

  1. Connect the UV-5R to the computer with the Programming Cable
  2. Open Chirp
  3. Download the configuration and channels from the radio (Radio -> Download From Radio)
  4. Turn on the UV-5R
  5. Turn the volume all of the way up
  6. Delete all existing frequencies (click on a row, Ctrl-A, Del)
  7. Import the data file (File -> Import)
  8. Upload the configuration and channels to the radio (Radio -> Upload To Radio)

Ham Radio in Utah Valley

Utah Valley is a virtual hotbed of ham radio activity. There is a very active repeater and a couple of ham clubs. My call sign is now KF0TEP which is in homage to my old business and current web domain


The most active repeater in the area covers Utah and Salt Lake Counties and is the 146.76- (Which is to say that the input frequency is 146.16 MHz and the output/monitoring frequency is 146.76 MHz.)

It doesn't use a PL Tone so simply programming in both frequencies will do.

The repeater is on Lake Mountain which is west of Orem/Provo.


There is an active club in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, that swears it is a social club and not a amateur radio club, called the 76ers (they use the above repeater). There is a Facebook group that is private but can be joined by sending an email to Similarly, you can send an email there to join the 76ers group itself. The group has no membership fees.

There is an amateur radio club in Utah Valley called the Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club which has a facebook group in addition to its website. The club meets in Orem on the first Thursday of the month and has no membership fees.

In Salt Lake City, there is a state-wide club called the Utah Amateur Radio Club which has a website. They have an annual membership fee of $20 which goes to maintain the club and its repeaters, of which, the 146.76 repeater is one. They meet on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 on the University of Utah campus in the John and Marva Warnock Engineering Building.

Aspen Area

In the Aspen Stake/Area, we have a weekly emergency preparedness net each Sunday night at 9:00 on 147.480 MHz. It is both ham- and prep-centric in the weekly trainings. I've been motivated to put together a bug-out/72 hr. kit along with a shoulder pack of radio equipment.


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