FOTEP -- Flight of the Eagle Productions
FOTEP -- Flight of the Eagle Productions
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So, I've been asked, "What is FOTEP?"

In days gone by, I and a few other Eagle Scouts did multimedia productions for large Scout events like camporees, conclaves and Eagle courts of honor.

Collectively, we were known as Flight of the Eagle Productions (FOTEP).

This was in the days when film cameras were on their way out and digital production was still a fledgeling technology. So we shot slides for shows synchronized to music as well as scanning prints (digital cameras were still too new) into Adobe Premiere to do AVI files.

We also used software to do titles, 3D modeling and morphing.

I recently re-ran a PolyRay project called "mirror" and, after working out a bug (the new PolyRay didn't like an old construct), posted it here for all and sundry. I found that the Linux version ran the HD project considerably faster than the windows version (3 seconds per frame vs. 277 seconds on Windows). Both are included below. (PolyRay is an old shell program that only runs on one core.)

Lastly, if you look at the top of the page there is an emblem of an eagle. To give you an idea of the timeframe, that's a roll of film forming the upper and lower banners. The banners used to say "Flight of the Eagle Productions," but the icon is too small to have made that out so a larger one is below.


720x480 (DVD)

1080p (HD)
PolyRay Files




Nowadays, FOTEP (just FOTEP, not a acronym) is a softwoare process consulting company that will go over the Software Developement Lifecycle, go over the Agile development method and conduct Capability Maturity Model Integration assessments and recommend next steps for all three.

I can be hired directly, or be referred by an umbrella consulting company.


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