75th Annual Academy Awards: Short Films: The ChubbChubbs / Das Rad / Atama Yama / Mike's New Car / T
Questar (2004)
Action, Music
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Bradford Simonsen
Jeff Wolverton
Dustin Adair
Eric Armstrong
Yakov Baytler
Mary Biondo
Sumit Das
Eric Armstrong

Previously screened only at selected theaters across the country, this special collection of OSCAR nominated short films celebrating the 2003 75th Annual ACADEMY AWARDS® is now available to compel and delight the filmmaker and film lover. Best Animated Short Film: The ChubbChubbs! (USA - Columbia - A Sony Pictures Imageworks Production) On a planet in the far reaches of the imagination, clumsy but well-meaning Meeper dreams of entertaining people as an R&B vocalist. But first he must find a way to save the patrons of the Ale-E-Inn nightclub from the vicious and voracious invaders known as the ChubbChubbs. (6 minutes) Other Animated Nominees: Rocks "Das Rad" (Germany - A Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg GmbH Production) Observing the passage of centuries with bewildered fascination, two rock piles comment on the rise and fall of human history. (8 minues) Mike's New Car (USA - Buena Vista - A Pixar Animation Studios Production) One-eyed Mike from Monster's Inc drives himself nuts trying to take his friend Sulley for a spin in his new car. (4 minutes) The Cathedral (Poland - A Platige Image Production) A man enters a forest-like cathedral and discovers that the trees are made of people. (6 minutes) Mt. Head "Atama Yama" (Japan - A Yamamura Animation Production) An obsessed loner encounters a hairy problem: the Cherry tree growing out of his head is attracting crowds. (10 minutes) Best Live Action Short Film: This Charming Man "Der Er En Yndig Mand" (Denmark - An M&M Production for Novellefilm Production) Taking advantage of a mix-up at the unemployment office, Lars Hansen becomes Pakistani immigrant El Hassan. Will his masquerade land him a job and the affection of his politically correct school teacher? (29 minutes) Other Live Action Nominees: I'll Wait for the Next One "J'attendrai Le Suivant" (France - A La Boite Production) A lonely young woman boards the subway and meets a panhandler who's begging for love rather than money. (4 minutes) Gridlock"Fait D'Hiver" (Belgium - An Another Dimension of an Idea Production) Stick in traffic, a harried businessman calls home on his new cell phone - and dials up a nightmare. (7 minutes) Dog "Inja" (Australia - An Australian Film & Radio School Production) In South Africa, a long-brutalized dog comes between a whie landowner and his black farmhand - with fateful results. (17 minutes) Extra Feature: How To Submit Your Short Film to the Academy - Academy Member and Award-winner for his 1997 live action short film Visas & Virtue, Chris Donahue informs filmmakers and fans of the eligibility rules and procedures for submitting a short film to the Academy for OSCAR consideration.
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How To Submit Your Short Film To the Academy Academy member and Award-winner for his 1998 live-action short film Visas and Virtue, Chris Donahue informs filmmakers and fans of the eligibility rules and procedures for submitting a short film.