8 Simple Rules: Season 2
Lions Gate (2003)
TV Series  /  Comedy
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IMDB   7.1
528 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
John Ritter Paul Hennessy
Katey Sagal Cate Hennessey
Kaley Cuoco Bridget Hennessy
Amy Davidson Kerry Hennessy
Martin Spanjers Rory Hennessy
James Garner Jim Egan
David Spade C.J. Barnes
Suzanne Pleshette Laura
Cybil Shepherd Maggie Barnes
Billy Aaron Brown Kyle
John Ritter Paul Hennessey
Kaley Cuoco Bridget
Katey Sagal Cate Hennessy
Amy Davidson Kerry
Martin Spanjers Rory Hennessey
James Widdoes
Producer Tom Shadyac
Michael Bostick
Writer Tracy Gamble
W. Bruce Cameron
Cinematography Bruce L. Finn
Musician Dan Foliart

Paul Hennessy has grown accustomed to his stay-at-home wife Cate taking care of their son and two daughters. His job as a sports writer kept him on the road a lot during the kids' formative years. But when Cate decides to return to work as a hospital nurse, Paul takes a job as a columnist and agrees to make the duties of raising the kids a shared experience. Paul fondly remembers the days when his daughters would sit on his lap singing silly songs, and he was their hero for scaring away monsters from under the bed. But those days are long gone.
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    9/23/2003  1.  Premiere
Bridget finds her popularity waning because of her exclusive, long distance relationship with Donny, while Kerry's social status skyrockets because of her relationship with Kyle. But Bridget's eyes begin to stray when she meets Damian - a sexy new kid at school. Meanwhile, as she waits for the results of her pregnancy test, Cate is stunned when Paul, Bridget, Kerry and Rory seem more concerned about how the baby could disrupt their lives than the blessed event itself. In fact, the only support Cate seems to be getting is from her nosy neighbors, the Doyles, who share a well-kept secret about their own family.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Tracy Gamble 
Guest starring:  John Ratzenberger, Cindy Williams, Howard Alonzo, Paul Wasilewski,  Wendie Jo Sperber, Gregor Trpin
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    9/30/2003  2.  Sex Ed
Bridget is horrified when Cate is asked to fill in as the sex ed instructor in her daughter's class. But Cate is in for a shock when she tries to answer a student's written question about being pressured to have sex -- and realizes it may be from Bridget. Meanwhile, Paul and Kerry are too embarrassed to look each other in the eye after watching a foreign film together that contains a sexually explicit scene.
Director:  Robby Benson  Writer:  Gayle Abrams 
Guest starring:  Howard Alonzo
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    10/7/2003  3.  Donny Goes AWOL
When Fred and Mary Ellen Doyle ask Bridget to be a part of a video message they are sending to Donny at the Naval Academy, they are shocked to discover that Bridget has broken up with their son on the tape - and Donny goes AWOL to try and patch things up. Meanwhile, Paul is asked to help give a nickname to a neighborhood prankster who has been terrorizing the block, not realizing that the culprit may be living under his own roof.
Director:  Robby Benson  Writer:  Seth Kurland 
Guest starring:  Sheldon Candis,  John Ratzenberger, Cindy Williams, Eric Chase
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    11/4/2003  4.  Goodbye (1)
The Hennessy famly must deal in their own way with the unexpected death of Paul. Cate's separated parents, Jim and Laura, come to visit and try to console the grieving family.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  David Flebotte  / Martin Weiss 
Guest starring:  Suzanne PleshetteJohn RatzenbergerPatrick Warburton
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    11/4/2003  5.  Goodbye (2)
The family finds Paul's last written article, and reads it just before going to sleep.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Tracy Gamble  / Bonnie Kallman 
Guest starring:  Suzanne Pleshette
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    11/11/2003  6.  No Right Way
Cate is unprepared for the diverse reactions exhibited by Bridget and Kerry on their first day back to school since their father's death. Meanwhile, Jim tries his best to be helpful by making some questionable home improvements to the Hennessy home.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Gayle Abrams 
Guest starring:  Amanda MacDonald, Daniella Monet
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    11/18/2003  7.  What Dad Would Want
Cate persuades Rory to try out for basketball because that would've made his dad proud.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Bill Daly 
Guest starring:  Lyndsey Fields, Michele Matheson, Todd Merrill
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    11/25/2003  8.  The First Thanksgiving
While Cate plans to raise the family spirits with a special Thanksgiving dinner, Rory takes it upon himself to be the man of the house by looking after Bridget and Kerry when he learns that they are planning to attend a party with their boyfriends on the holiday. Meanwhile, Laura's visit to the Hennessy household ignites sparks between her and Jim.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Bonnie Kallman 
Guest starring:  Suzanne Pleshette
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    12/23/2003  9.  The Story Of Anne Frank And Skeevy
After Cate encourages Bridget to participate in extracurricular activities to beef up her college resume, Bridget shocks the family by landing the lead in the high school production of the story of Anne Frank. But after reading Anne Frank's diary, she doubts her own ability to play the role. Meanwhile, Rory's obsession with a dummy named Skeevy becomes a little unnerving for the Hennessy clan.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Tracy Gamble  / Bonnie Kallman 
Guest starring:  Wendie Jo Sperber, Connie Sawyer, Kala Savage, Howard Alonzo, Steve Vinovich
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    1/6/2004  10.  YMCA
Cate decides the family isn't active enough and takes them to join the YMCA where Bridget works. Jim is overprotective of her at the YMCA and doesn't think she should be working there. Meanwhile Rory deals with a coming-of-age issue that keeps ""popping up"" at the worst of times.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Donald Beck  / Bonnie Kallman 
Guest starring:  David Spade, Lisa Rinna, Myrna Niles, Ethan Philips, Alanna Dedek, Gennelle Dedek
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    1/13/2004  11.  Get Real
The Hennessy household and Jim are thrown for a loop when Cate's wayward nephew, C.J., stops by to pay his respects to Paul and generally keep them company. But the irresponsible C.J. can't seem to resist getting himself into trouble when he advices Rory on techniques about kissing a girl and takes the blame when Kerry - driving with a learner's permit -- accidentally dents Cate's car driving Bridget on a late-night errand.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Seth Kurland  / Ric Swartzlander 
Guest starring:  David Spade, Daniella Monet
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    1/27/2004  12.  Consequences
Rory steals a police dog when he hears about CJ's glory days of stealing his old school mascot, but Cate is shocked when the dog finds marijuana in Kerry's backpack. Cate thinks Kerry's using drugs because of her father's death, but it's really just teenage rebellion. Meanwhile, Bridget gets brought home by the police for not wearing a helmet on her boyfriend's motorcycle, after Cate telling her she has to.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Bill Callahan 
Guest starring:  Stephen Clark,  David SpadeJames Garner, Phil Lewis,  Phill Lewis
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    2/10/2004  13.  Opposites Attract (1)
In need of a tutor to boost her grades, Bridget hires Jeremy, hoping to make her chance of getting into a good college better. However, after her boyfriend gets sick, Bridget tries to persuade Jeremy to take his place. Meanwhile, Kyle treats Kerry to an very un-corporate Valentine's Day celebration. Rory gets pointers about the perfect gift for his new girlfriend Missy. Jim sends C.J. on an errand to get a ""special drug"" in Canada, which ends up just being Tylenol.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Gayle Abrams 
Guest starring:  Patrick Harigan, Deborah Levin, Daniella Monet,  Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    2/17/2004  14.  Opposites Attract (2)
Bridget decides to make a move on her brainy tutor, Jeremy, but discovers that he may have his sights set on her debate team opponent. Meanwhile, after accidentally setting fire to C.J.'s van, Jim is not-so-thrilled when Cate forces him to share his basement room with his now homeless nephew.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Paul Ciancarelli  / David Dipietro 
Guest starring:  Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Kala Savage, Gloria Gifford
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    2/24/2004  15.  Opposites Attract: Night Of The Locust (3)
After being told that she's fickle when it comes to relationships, Bridget is afraid that she may end up hurting Jeremy's feelings when her ex-bad boy boyfriend, Damian, returns to town. Meanwhile, Kerry is outraged and plans revenge when ""provocative"" dancing has been banned from the high school formal, which is being chaperoned by Cate and Jim; C.J. partners with Rory to broadcast school scandals over the internet, and Jim falls for Ms. McKenna, a member of the high school's PTA committee.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Bill Callahan  / Bill Daly 
Guest starring:  Tatum O'NealJonathan Taylor Thomas, Kaitlin Cullum, Paul Wasilewski, Marisa Theodore, Dana Workman, Monique Lea
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    3/2/2004  16.  Daddy's Girl
On the advice of the family therapist, Cate is encouraged to pursue a once-thought-unobtainable dream of becoming a singer. Meanwhile, C.J. and Jim find themselves trying to bond in a bar when Cate encourages C.J. to take his grandfather out after he is dumped by his wife – in a letter -- and Kerry angers Bridget by dying her hair blonde after she complains that the romance is fading from her relationship with Kyle.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Tracy Gamble  / Dave Flebotte 
Guest starring:  Peter Bogdanovich, Marcus York, Kathryn J. Larsen, Connie Stevens
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    3/16/2004  17.  Mall In The Family
After Kerry is promoted to assistant manager at a fast food restaurant in the mall, Jim is hired to handle the register. But when she witnesses his disdain for the customers, Kerry is faced with the dilemma of having to fire her grandfather. Meanwhile C.J. – who has been employed as a mall cop -- busts Bridget for sneaking into a movie without paying, and Cate catches Rory selling worthless family items on the internet under false pretenses.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Christy Jacobs White  / Tamiko K. Brooks 
Guest starring:  Marcus Toji, Liam Kyle Sullivan, Keir O'Donnell, Jonny Acker, Lorna Scott, Liam Sullivan, Tyler Case, Inny Clemons
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    3/30/2004  18.  Let's Keep Going (1)
Cate sends Bridget and Kerry to their grandmother's house for a visit after the Hennessys decide against vacationing at the family cabin. But while on their road trip to grandma's, the girls are shocked to find Cate at their father's favorite saloon with a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, Kerry makes Rory's life miserable when she discovers that he has a crush on her friend, Rachel.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Martin Weiss 
Guest starring:  Artie Lee Anderson, Peter Gannon
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    4/6/2004  19.  Let's Keep Going (2)
Upon discovering Cate in the arms of Artie - Paul's successor at the newspaper - Bridget and Kerry decide to blow off their planned trip to their grandmother's and take to the open road to sort out their feelings. But after meeting up with C.J., the girls find themselves at a familiar location that was beloved by Paul. Meanwhile, Rory continues to pine for Rachel Sharpe, who confesses her true feelings for him.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Martin Weiss 
Guest starring:  Mac Davis, Artie Lee Anderson, Melanie Pleasure, Michael Faella, Peter Gannon, Nicole Mansour
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    4/20/2004  20.  C.J.'s Party
Cate banishes C.J. and grounds Bridget for going to C.J.'s college keg party; Jim has to take a written drivers exam after being pulled over with an expired license.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Paul Ciancarelli  / David Dipietro 
Guest starring:  Nikki D. Hayden, Sarah Domin, Erik Von Detten, Cristina Wichtrich, Joe Thornton Jr., Rhomeyn Johnson
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    5/4/2004  21.  Mother's Day
After witnessing some strange behavior from Bridget and Kerry, Cate tries to find out what they are up to -- not suspecting that they might be trying to set up a special Mother's Day getaway for her. Meanwhile, C.J. and Rory doubt Jim's ability to put an engine back together after he falls in love with a classic car -- which is in for a wax job at Rory's new detailing service -- and decides to fix a noise in the motor
Director:  Pat Doak  Writer:  Grant Nieporte  / Robert Spina 
Guest starring:  John Farley,  Lee Garlington, Terri Mathieson
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    5/11/2004  22.  The Principal
When Bridget is busted over a school dress code violation, Cate is called upon to meet with her new principal, Ed Gibb. But Cate is in for a shock when she discovers that she went to high school with Ed -- who remembers it vividly -- though she doesn't remember him at all. Meanwhile, when C.J. becomes his massage therapist, Jim hurts his feelings when he refuses to admit that his wayward grandson has become good at something.
Director:  Lynn McCracken  Writer:  Seth Kurland 
Guest starring:  David Carey Foster, Liam Sullivan
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    5/18/2004  23.  Finale Part Un (1)
Part 1 of 2. Cate finds herself once again in the awkward position of having to deal with Principal Gibb when she forgets to turn in a health form for Kerry's trip to Europe. Meanwhile, Cate is resentful of Jim's relationship with Tina because she still hopes that her father will reconcile with her mother, and Rory plays a nefarious joke on C.J. when he sets him up with girlfriend Missy's already engaged sister, Sissy.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Martin Weiss  / Bonnie Kallman 
Guest starring:  Connie Stevens, Kaitlin Cullum, Daniella Monet, Liam Sullivan, Elena Lyons, Jan Hoag
    Seen it: Yes   30 mins    5/18/2004  24.  Finale Part Deux (2)
Part 2 of 2. When Cate discovers that Bridget took the fall for Kerry for organizing the school sit-in, she agrees to have coffee with Principal Gibb in order to set the record straight. But the girls are convinced that their mother's innocent coffee meeting with their principal is really a date. Meanwhile, Kerry is furious when Bridget is elected student body president and wins a trip to Washington, D.C. -- because everyone thinks she organized the school sit-in -- C.J. keeps deluding himself that he's been chosen to be a roadie for Aerosmith over the summer, and Jim agrees to let Rory travel with him to Florida -- where he plans to try and win back his wife's affections.
Director:  James Widdoes  Writer:  Bill Callahan  / Bill Daly 
Guest starring:  Connie Stevens, Kevin Farley, Jan Hoag, Michael Burger, Dana Workman, Marisa Theodore
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Series 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter
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