In Time (2011)

In Time

In a movie a little like Logan’s Run, people stop aging at 25, but only live one year longer unless they earn more time. The problem is everything costs time which shortens your life. The rich live forever, the poor, not so much.

A man with a death wish transfers a hundred years to Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) leaving him with mere minutes to live. The police suspect a robbery and murder and suspect Will who is now on the run.

This is a fresh, new movie with a premise that is innovative.

IMDB Score 6.7/10
Amazon Score 3.9/5

Dragonsong (1976)

Dragonsong (1)

Menolly wants to be a Harper but can’t because she’s a girl. Still dreaming the dream, she runs away from her Hold. Escaping a Threadfall, she crawls into a cave occupied by a queen fire lizard and her clutch. Trying to save them from the Threadfall, she feeds some of the newly hatched fire lizards, unintentionally Impressing nine of them.

Can she keep safe from Threadfall? Can she become a Harper as she dreams? How will she live outside of Craft and Hold?

This trilogy takes place at the same time as The Dragonriders of Pern, and is a good compliment to that story without retelling the original tale.

Amazon Score 4.5/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5

Gravity (2013)


After catastrophic damage to the space shuttle, two astronauts are stranded in space while space-walking. Their only hope is to make it to the International Space Station, but things don’t go well.

This was a good movie, a nice mix of action and suspense.

IMDB Score 7.9/10
Amazon Score 3.5/5

Godzilla (2014)


First, I love the redacting in the credits.

Joe Brody (Cranston) is an engineer at a nuclear power plant that is mysteriously destroyed. Now he’s a crackpot predicting the same destruction years later. And come it does when giant flying monsters hatch and reigns destruction on Japan and Hawaii.

Enter Godzilla, our hero.

Oh, and there’s a nuclear device in the city that need to be disarmed manually.

Bryan Cranston does a great job in this film and the movie does well at action and suspense.

IMDB Score 6.5/10
Amazon Score 3.5/5

The White Dragon (1978)


Ruth, the white dragon, was introduced in the previous book, Dragonquest, and is a special dragon. Young lord Jaxom accidentally Impresses the dragon and together they grow into a powerful dragon and rider pair.

In this book, the Oldtimers are dying out and manage to steal a golden queen’s egg from Benden Weyr. The egg is mysteriously returned avoiding dragon-vs.-dragon fighting, but just barely.

Meanwhile Jaxom and Ruth are feeling their growing pains and want to be a real dragon/rider and fly, go between and time it.

This is another good installment in the Dragonriders of Pern series.

Amazon Score 4.5/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5

Ex Machina (2015)

Ex Machina

Caleb has done it: he’s won first prize, a week at the estate of the company CEO, Nathan, in a remote mountain valley.

Under a strict non-disclosure agreement, Caleb plays the part of the human component of the Turing test. He is to interact with Ava, an artificial intelligence, to prove sentience-like reactions. But what do you do when the AI starts to fall for you?

Is Ava what she seems, is Nathan?

This movie actually has a nice little twist at the end. It’s a good film.

IMDB Score 7.7/10
Amazon Score 3.9/5

The Colony (2013)

The Colony

Forced to live underground because of the new ice age, the people of colony 7 live in fear of a virus that could wipe them out.

Colony 5 has sent out a distress signal so a team is sent to investigate. They find a lone survivor. A team from Colony 5 was sent to a sunny spot of land, they didn’t find it, but they were followed back to the colony which was wiped out.

This is a pretty good movie, but it’s not innovative.

IMDB Score 5.3/10
Amazon Score 3.1/5

Dragonquest (1970)


Fire-lizards are just a fable, aren’t they. Well when F’nor finds a little queen a whole can of worms is opened and Kylara isn’t about to be shown up by a brown rider.

Then there’s the Oldtimers, what to do about their hidebound ways? Their constant disrespect of the Holds and Crafts and their unreasonable demands of tithes are getting out of hand.

This is a good solid sequel in the series and provides more background on the world of Pern, with some new discoveries.

Amazon Score 4.5/5
Thriftbook Score 5.0/5