Spaceman (1997)


For a film nearly made in the 2000s, this film is dreadful.

A boy is kidnapped by aliens and is returned to Earth as a soldier and grocery store clerk. No, seriously. This movie needs the MST3K treatment.

IMDB Score 5.9/10
Amazon Score 4.3/5

Space Mutiny (1988)

Space Mutiny

In this horrible, horrible movie, it is up to a pilot and the daughter of the commander to prevent a mutiny aboard a colony ship. The head enforcer and his department are trying to colonize in pirate space and sell the colonists into slavery.

This movie was lampooned by Mystery Science Theater 3000 for good reason.

IMDB Score 2.0/10
Amazon Score 3.4/5

Spotlight (2015)


This Oscar-winning best picture follows the newspaper investigation into the Catholic church’s systemic cover-up of molestation in Boston. Hundreds of children are victimized and dozens of priests are accused in this city alone.

This is a great film and really held my attention.

IMDB Score 8.1/10
Amazon Score 4.7/5

The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short

Michael Burry has done some research into the mortgage market and discovered that the loans backing the market were, more and more often, junk. He decides to short the market and clean up.

This movie was a disappointment for me: it was neither funny nor dramatic. Despite the Oscar nomination and high IMDB score, this film didn’t live up to the hype.

IMDB Score 7.8/10
Amazon Score 4.4/5

Copycat Killing (2011)


Kathleen has stumbled on the body of a local artist who wasn’t what he seemed. Was his death accidental, or a murder? And what is with the body she found at the old mansion?

In this third installment of the Magical Cats series, the author has found her stride. While not as funny as the first in the series, the mystery is good as are the characters.

Amazon Score 4.7/5
Thriftbooks Score (Not rated yet)