Alien Reign of Man (2017)

On an alien planet, explorers fight disease and creatures while on a search for a device to save Earth.

I’m betting this is the movie form of vanity press.  Someone self-produced this so their work would be out there.

Dumb.  Not worth the Redbox rental.

IMDB Score 3.3/10
Amazon Score 1.7/5

A Knight’s Tale (2001)

A thatcher’s son is sent as squire to a knight as a young boy.  Older he takes the place of the knight when he dies and later forges papers of heritage to pose as a knight himself.

This is a fun movie with a great soundtrack.

IMDB Score 6.9/10
Amazon Score 4.7/5

A Hazard of Hearts (1987)

An English gentleman gambles away his fortune and home.  His only hope of getting them back is to wager the hand of his daughter in marriage.  He loses.  To keep the winner from having her, Lord Justin wages on her and wins.

This is a historical drama and isn’t bad.  I got this as part of a set, but I don’t know which one.

IMDB Score 7.2/10
Amazon Score 3.4/5

A Haunting in Salem (2011)

There’s a reason this is rated 3.3 in IMDB.  It’s pretty darn boring and not at all suspenseful.

The new sheriff of Salem, Massachusetts is living in the house where hundreds of years worth of sheriffs have died.  He must battle the ghosts to protect his family.

IMDB Score 3.3/10
Amazon Score 3.2/5

A Haunted House (2013)

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest.  And they made a sequel.

A spoof on found-footage documentaries, this is the sad, oh so sad, story of a couple in their haunted house.

I kept hoping it would get funny, or better, or something.

IMDB Score 5.1/10
Amazon Score 3.3/5

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)


John McClane is in Russia and rescues his son after a jail-break only to find that his son works for the CIA and sprung a Russian political prisoner.

The good guys and the bad guys are now after them and they have to find out what’s really going on.

Good but not as good as the original.

IMDB Score 5.3/10
Amazon Score 3.7/5

A Generation (1955)

A generation of young men rebelling against German occupation of Poland.

Good, as I’d expect of a Criterion choice.

I don’t see a way of buying this as a single, below is the Criterion Edition collection.

IMDB Score 7.2/10
Amazon Score 4.5/5

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Years have past and there are still some old androids running around that need to be retired.  During the hunt, we discover that one of them gave birth.  Now we must find the child and an old Blade Runner (Harrison Ford).

Good film but long.  I was happy to see that Harrison Ford had more than a bit part.

IMDB Score 8.2/10
Amazon Score 3.7/5