The 5th Wave (2016)

Aliens invade Earth.  First they hit the world with an EMP, then floods, then a super-avian-flu and the attacks just continued wiping out much of the human race.

When the Army arrived at a camp of survivors, everyone thought they were saved, but it was just the precursor of the 4th wave, aliens on the ground.

Good movie, I’m looking forward to reading the books.

IMDB Score 5.2/10
Amazon Score 3.8/5


Love on the Run (1979)

The fourth installment of The Adventures of Antoine Doniel is a bit of a disappointment.  Half of the movie is clips from the previous three movies and the plot of the new material is pretty boring.

IMDB Score 7.1/10
Amazon Score 4.3/5


Stolen Kisses (1968)

A grown up Antoine Doinel (and actor Jean-Pierre Léaud) appears in his twenties as a man kicked out of the military and takes a number of jobs as he lives his life.

This is a sequel to The 400 Blows and is the second film in The Adventures of Antoine Doinel.

Another good film and slice of life.  This is in French and subtitled.

IMDB Score 7.8/10
Amazon Score 3.4/5


The 400 Blows (1959)

The story of a boy who has troubles at home and acts out along with his best friend.

This is from the Criterion Collection and is in The Adventures of Antoine Doinel, also in the Criterion Collection.

Not a Hollywood blockbuster, this is a good little slice-of-life movie about childhood in France.

IMDB Score 8.1/10
Amazon Score 5.0/5


The 27th Day (1957)

An alien takes five people from all around planet Earth and gives each, three powerful weapons that can destroy all humans on the planet.  They have 27 days to decide what to do.  If they use them, the aliens will occupy the planet, if not, the aliens will perish.

Not a bad movie, this kept my interest for the whole hour and a quarter.

IMDB Score 6.3/10
Amazon Score 3.8/5


The 13th Warrior (1999)

A man is banished from his land to serve as an ambassador of a foreign land.  He meets up with a band of Vikings and ends up on a quest with them to fight in a war in yet another land.

Not a bad movie, good character-based storytelling.

IMDB Score 6.6/10
Amazon Score 4.7/5


12 to the Moon (1960)

An international crew is the first to visit the moon only they find dangers and an existing civilization.

This is an OK movie for the 60s.  It lacks anything new for the era and offers no real twists in the plot.

IMDB Score 2.8/10
Amazon Score 4.0/5