The Rise of the Fourth Reich (2009)

This was a good book if a bit disjoint.

He covers the globalist movement that brought the Nazis to power and how they are still running the world. But he also rants about NutraSweet and psychiatric drugs.

This views on world politics, banking and multi-national corporations make the book.

Amazon Score 4.5/5
Thriftbooks Score 4.5/5


Dragonsblood (2006)

This series is starting to pick up its stride again.  For a while there, the series was just OK, but now it’s getting better.

Split by 500 turns, the Pernese are battling a dragon disease that threatens to wipe out dragonkind and the planet’s ability to fight Thread.

Amazon Score 4.1/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5


The SS Brotherhood of the Bell : The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology (2006)

An interesting look at Nazi scientific research and at World War II.  The author looks at more than just the Bell project, he delves into Nazi research into rocketry, submarines and atomic power and the bomb.

The book can get a bit repetitive and it does bog down when he goes into detail on the Bell project, but it is a good read.

Amazon Score 4.0/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5


The Enemy (2009)

This is my favorite Jack Reacher book.

A General dies of a heart attack in a cheap motel.  His briefcase is missing and the hooker is nowhere to be seen.

Elsewhere a Delta Force soldier is killed and the murder scene is over the top.  To make matters worse, Jack Reacher is the prime suspect.

Amazon Score 4.5/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5


Dragon’s Fire (2007)

We’re getting toward the end of this series.  It has been taken over by Rodd McCaffrey, the son of Anne, the original Pern author.

This one is about the shunned population of Pern and about Firestone, the phosphene-bearing rocks that Dragons chew to generate fire.

A good story in general, but the series is starting to get tired.

Amazon Score 4.4/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5


Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications (1999)

Dr Steven Greer is supposed to be one of the world’s foremost experts in Extra Terrestrial Contact, Intelligence and Craft.

The book is good, but belabors his CE-5 (ET Contact type 5, interactions with ETs).  He also has high opinions about ET intelligence and Earth’s chances of a world government.

It does have some interesting recounts of ET technology and visitations ala the 1940s and 50s, providing some details about the reverse engineering efforts of the US and other countries.

Amazon Score 4.2/5
Thriftbooks (unrated)


One Shot (2005)

Made into a movie, One Shot is the story of a former sniper accused of killing five people like he killed four in Kuwait City while an Army sniper.

When arrested and charged, he just said he didn’t do it and that the police should get Jack Reacher.

Reacher heard of the killings and came to town to bury him not defend him.

Another good book in the series with some nice plot points.

Amazon Score 4.5/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5


Furies of Calderon (2005)

So I picked up this book a few years ago, before I even read the Dresden Files.  But I Read the DF before this book.  Both series came recommended.  Expecting more like Dresden, I was surprised that this is more of a fantasy world book.  But, so far, so good.  This first book is good but not great.  I’ll keep reading the series to see.

Amazon Score 4.3/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5