The 39 Steps (1935)

A man crosses paths with a counter-espionage agent who ends up dead.  Now he’s on the run as a suspect in the murder while he tries to make contact with the agent’s contacts to stop a spy ring.

The Criterion edition is excellent and much better than other transfers.

IMDB Score 7.8/10
Amazon Score 3.9/5


100 Girls (2000)

I saw this from a friend’s collection of movies and it wasn’t bad for a teen sex comedy.

Matthew hooks up with a girl in an elevator during a power outage and spends the rest of the movie trying to find out who she was.

IMDB Score 5.9/10
Amazon Score 3.9/5


25th Hour (2002)

Monty gets busted for having a K of pot and spends his last free night with friends.

This must be deeper than I am, I don’t get why it is such a great movie.  It’s just OK by me.

IMDB Score 7.7/10
Amazon Score 4.1/5


24 Nights (1999)

Kind of a dumb story, we have Jonathan Parker, who since he was 4, has believed in Santa Claus.  This year, at 24, he wishes for his true love, with a Southern accent.

In comes Toby from the South.  But he’s not Jonathan’s destined love.

IMDB Score 6.4/10
Amazon Score 3.2/5


22 Jump Street (2014)

Since the church at 21 Jump Street went back into service, the division moves across the street to 22 Jump Street, another church.

This time the team is assigned to a college where they have to find yet another designer drug.  Their search leads to a popular jock fraternity.

Good again, although the break-up scene falls flat.

IMDB Score 7.1/10
Amazon Score 3.7/5


21 Jump Street (2012)

Two mismatched, young-looking cops get assigned to 21 Jump Street, an undercover operation tasked with finding the supplier of a new synthetic drug.

Better than I thought, I’m looking forward to the sequel.

IMDB Score 7.2/10
Amazon Score 4.1/5


Big Mouth (2017)

The horrors of puberty are the fodder for this Netflix original series.

So far, it is hysterical.

In the first episode, one friend sees another without clothes and feels awkward and intimidated by his friend’s physical maturity.  Meanwhile the other friend is hounded by the hormone monster.

IMDB Score 8.3/10