Bad Education (2004)

This is a film from Spain and comes with a content warning.  This is the story of two boys growing up in an abusive Catholic Church and how their lives ended up as adults.

It has a solid IMDB score and is another good film with this material.  It’s not Spotlight, being much more graphic and a foreign film.

IMDB Score 7.5/10
Amazon Score 4.1/5


Jack Reacher (2012)

With a bit of license taken away from the book, this first Jack Reacher movie pits him against a sniper from his past.  Tom Cruise does a good job in the role.

It’s a good movie and I’m looking forward to seeing the sequel.  I enjoy the books and read them constantly.

IMDB Score 7.0/10
Amazon Score 4.2/5


The Addams Family (1964)

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re altogether ooky,
The Addams Family.

Their house is a museum
When people come to see ’em
They really are a scream
The Addams Family.


So get a witch’s shawl on
A broomstick you can crawl on
We’re gonna pay a call on
The Addams Family.

IMDB Score 8.0/10
Amazon Score 4.7/5


Snowden (2016)

An interesting departure for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and in an odd deep voice that I found jarring, JGL plays the part of whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

With a bit of background on the title character and, I think, not enough background on Snowden’s objections to the mass spying, this was none-the-less still a good movie.

This is an Amazon Choice movie and a bit of a waste for the HD format.

IMDB Score 7.3/10
Amazon Score 4.4/5


Bad Luck and Trouble (2009)

Reacher is minding his own business in Portland when he gets a 10-30 emergency call via a $1030 deposit to his savings account.  A little sleuthing and he finds out that one of his comrades is in trouble and needs help with the murder of another of his compatriots.

Another find book in the series by Lee Child.

Amazon Score 4.5/5
ThriftBooks Score 5.0/5


Ender’s Game (2013)

Not quite as impactful as the book, this is the story of Andrew “Ender” Wiggin who is one of many youths at a space station training to be the leaders of the next Formic war.

There are a few big-name stars and the child acting is excellent.  So this movie doesn’t fail like others with kids.

This is a good movie and I still recommend the book(s).

IMDB Score 6.7/10
Amazon Score 3.9/5


The Expanse (2015)

A SyFy orginal, this is the story of an asteroid belt detective, the XO of an ice freighter and a UN representative trying to keep an uneasy peace among the Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt.

It starts a little slowly but is highly rated so I am expecting it to pick up.

IMDB Score 8.2/10
Amazon Score 4.4/5