Bubble Boy (2001)

Bubble Boy

This is a Comedy/Love Story about a boy who has lived his whole life in a bubble, falls in love with the girl next door and loses her (actually never had her) to her high school sweetheart.

Jimmy must craft a mobile bubble and follow her to Niagara Falls to stop her from marrying the wrong guy.

I got this one on a whim and don’t regret it. It is a good movie and funny!

IMDB Score 5.6/10
Amazon Score 4.2/5


Dragonseye (1997)


It has been 200 years since Thread first fell on Pern and it is time for it to happen again. The dragonriders think they’re prepared but you just can’t tell until Thread is again in the sky.

This book was a little slow at the end but was otherwise a good read.

Amazon Score 4.3/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Batman v Superman

Lex Luthor has a chunk of Kryptonite, Batman wants it.

Superman is getting out of control, actually, it has never been under any control and must be stopped. Batman wants to stop him.

Oh, and Wonder Woman is in this movie.

It’s long on action but rather short on plot. It’s not a bad movie, but certainly doesn’t live up to the hype.

IMDB Score 6.9/10
Amazon Score 3.3/5


Dragonsdawn (1989)


This is a prequel where the settlers of Pern land, discover the fire-dragons, are blighted with Thread and bioengineer Thread-fighting dragons.

The books starts slowly, made worse by repeating the discovery of fire-dragons which is covered in a previous book. The book does pick up and end well.

Amazon Score 4.6/5
Thriftbooks Score 5.0/5


10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

10 Cloverfield Lane

Howard (John Goodman) is the ultimate prepper. When the attack finally came, he was more than prepared.

When Michelle came to in a cinderblock room, she thought she’d been kidnapped, but Howard explained that there was either a chemical or nuclear attack and he’d rescued her from her car wreck.

That eventually seemed plausible, until Howard blamed the aliens as a possible cause. Then she just wanted to escape again, Howard was clearly off his rocker.

This is a very good movie despite the mixed reviews.

IMDB Score 7.3/10
Amazon Score 4.0/5


THX 1138 (1971)

THX 1138

THX 1138 doesn’t seem to fit into his utopian society. Everyone else is properly sedated and take their prescribed medicines, as does he, but they don’t seem to help.

Eventually he rebels.

In this very early George Lucas film, we explore a possible future. This is an odd film, but good.

IMDB Score 6.8/10
Amazon Score 3.7/5


Make Me (2016)

Make Me

A private investigator is missing and the trail leads to Mother’s Rest. It’s up to Reacher and another PI to find him and another missing man.

The book starts out slow but does pick up. This isn’t one of the best Reacher stories, but it is still good.

Amazon Score 3.8/5
Thriftbooks Score 3/5


Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Bone Tomahawk

First, I like Kurt Russell, and he’s good as sheriff Hunt. In this mostly western, with a tough of sci-fi, the good sheriff and a small party go after some kidnapped townsfolk. The cannibals that kidnapped them overwhelm several of the party and it falls to the remaining member to rescue all of them.

This is a good movie, not stellar, but good.

IMDB Score 7.1/10
Amazon Score 3.2/5


Self/less (2015)


Damian, a rich but dying man seeks a way out. There is a company that will transfer his consciousness into a healthy young body. But there are kinks and he must work them out, or does he?

I like Ryan Reynolds and he does a good job in this fine movie.

IMDB Score 6.5/10
Amazon Score 4.0/5