Software Development Process Improvement
Software development is about:   
     •Mechanics and Support
FOTEP provides an assessment of all these key areas.

Success in measured in building blocks much like in agile development.  Sprints of process improvement build a team and mature your capabilities.

Processes are improved through analysis and the adoption of best practices.  The software development lifecycle is at the core of a successful organization.

Rigor is introduced not only in processes, but by strictly adhering to procedures that have been analyzed and improved.
Documentation is the fruit of your labors.  Good documentation leads to reproducible results across the members of your team.

Mechanics and Support are the tools and backing your team needs to excel.

FOTEP evaluates your current process, measures your organization's maturity and introduces new paradigms to improve your capabilities. 

In the FOTEP playbook is the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Agile Development and Capability Maturity Model Integration.