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Emergency Preparedness / 72 hr. and Radio Kits


Food Storage

While I'm not LDS, I do like the idea of having emergency rations on hand.

To that end, I keep:

Radio Pack

I'm a ham radio operator and own a few handi-talkies. I'm switching to Baofeng dual-band radios since they are cheap and common. My radio pack includes:

If you use the AA battery pack, you need 5 alkaline batteries and one dummy battery. The radio won't transmit if you use 6 AA batteries. Or you can use six rechargable batteries.

For more information on the Baofengs, go here.

72 Hour Kit

Not that I expect to need it, but I have a 72-hour/Camping kit: has the water in cans, but at a ridiculous price. There are 12 oz cans that are better priced (brand Blue*Can), but you pay a premium for 30-50 year shelf life. Water is heavy, but oh so necessary, so I keep 2 gallons in my backpack. You can skimp on the MREs, but water is critical.

Speaking of MREs, while they are a bit heavy, they have a 10 year shelf life and need no water or preparation. Heating is optional which makes them a good choice for a 72-hour kit or food storage. You can eat the meals right out of the package, and I recommend using plastic spoons to cut down on water use in clean-up.

The Water purifier was well recommended and the Water purification tablets are just a backup. But the real selling point for the filter is it screws onto a standard sized plastic bottle and you can squeeze the bottle to filter the water in it, dumping it into a different water bottle for drinking throughout the day. I use a carabiner to clip an aluminum water bottle next to my sierra cup on the outside of my pack.

The solar-powered battery banks are as advertised but the solar panels are small and take days to recharge. On a full charge they will charge a cellphone twice, but it may take longer to recharge than your phone will last so phone use will be limited.

Note that I have a change of clothes and shoes in a separate sports bag, partly because they wouldn't fit in my pack and partly because I store the bag in my car full-time since freezing temperatures don't affect them like they might MREs.

A 72-hour kit is an evolving thing. I find myself adding something about once a month (I update this page as often) so keeping your kit in mind when you're shopping is a good idea.

Lastly, the links above are for your convenience. I recommend using them to fill your shopping cart on Amazon then going to where a portion of your order goes to fund a charity of your choice, otherwise it will go to fund me and I don't need your money. There is no additional cost for you either way.


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